Naomi and the Dragon

"I love comics, but I can't get my kids/ friends/ romantic partner to read them with me. I wish there were a comic that appealed to people who aren't into fist fights and eye lasers...." Here's your chance! Naomi Yamata is an 80-something year old Japanese-American who plays hooky from her elderly-cruise vacation plans, in favor of traveling around the world, looking for a dragon. Every world culture has a dragon story, and she goes to darn near every corner of the world looking for one! From Nepal to Norway, Africa to Japan, her adventures land her in colorful and vividly drawn spots around the globe. What happens if--sorry, when--she finds the dragon? What if the dragon finds her? "Naomi and the Dragon" is a story for kids of all ages written by the light mind of Stephanie Bryant and drawn by quirky hand of Toby Strauss. The story follows the style of a Miyazaki film (like "Spirited Away"), and the art is drawn in a folksy, pen and watercolor (with a hint of chibi) style.