Mythkillers #3

The Thief of Tephet-Sheta
After the immortal Greek warrior Dee Tyson and his Zulu fairy friend Sipho saved Amanda from demonic assassins, the teenage demigoddess led her squad on a journey to the asuran hellholes of Newark and found clues to the identity of the dark god responsible for creating the sinister vortex in the afterlife. But, the unknown culprit continued his relentless attacks upon Amanda and her allies, this time derailing their train and creating an army of malevolent shades from the killed passengers. Amanda barely managed to save her new friends by finding a way to slake the unquenchable thirst of the shades for the spilled blood of the living.

After returning to Amanda's "super secret" headquarters, the Roost, the heroes quickly zeroed onto their primary suspect -- Set, the Egyptian god of sandstorms and violence. Amanda and the squad quickly tracked him down to the hallowed halls of the Freemasonic temple in London, where the brooding god has been living in exile for the last few centuries. But, Set is none too pleased to be accused of such a blasphemous crime and, unlike many gods in the modern day, he still retains a great deal of his ancient power. Amanda must confront him, an ordeal that will force her to journey down into the very bowels of the Egyptian underworld.

From veteran game writer Chris Hepler (Mass Effect Trilogy, Shadowrun, Star Wars: The Old Republic) and world-class artists Vicente Cifuentes (Justice League; X-Men) and Mateo Guerrero (Gloria Victis; Jakob Kayne), Mythkillers is an urban fantasy adventure into the realms of gods -- featuring brutal action, campy humor, and nerded-out mythology!
Action/Adventure Fantasy Mythology Original Series
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35 Pages

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December 26 2019

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15+ Only

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