Mumbai Confidential

Five years ago, Arjun Kadam used to be a cop, a rising star in the ranks of
the Mumbai Encounter Squad'�"an elite unit tasked by the powers that be to
carry out extrajudicial executions of notorious gangsters. But the death of
his pregnant wife at childbirth derailed his life and set him off on a
spiral of depression and drug addiction, a pale shadow of his former self.

When Kadam is the victim of a hit-and-run that also claims the life of a
street urchin, he goes into coma for a month. Upon waking up, he finds a
new sense of purpose and pursues the investigation into the identity of the
driver after the cops close the case for lack of leads. His investigation
takes him on a journey through the deep dark heart of Mumbai'�"from the
glitzy tinsel of Bollywood, to the dank depths of the Mumbai Underworld,
where the line between the police and the criminals has been blurred beyond
recognition by his ex-colleagues on the Encounter Squad, who are now
de-facto gangsters in uniform, running the same extortion rackets they were
tasked to eradicate. Obsessed with his mission, Kadam sets off a desperate
game of intrigue and deception that pits him against the very machine of
violence and corruption he once helped create.

SADHU) and artist Vivek Shinde (SNAKEWOMAN, PROJECT: KALKI) comes a
hard-boiled tale of crime, punishment, and redemption in the seedy
underbelly of Mumbai.

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