Multiverse Comics and Stories #1

Multiverse Comics and Stories
1. Prologue. Sort, a Semi-Omnipotent Repair Technician, extricates himself from a difficult situation and sets his sights upon one world among the multitude in the Multiverse, a planet called "Earth."
2. Virtual Man. Virtual Man, a would-be superhero and his sidekick, Zeldoid the Cyberdog are introduced in a brief encounter with notorious supervillain, the Discombobulator.
3. The Case of the Renegade Refrigerator. VM's beginnings are detailed. The usual superhero confrontations and exploits are eschewed in favor of a somewhat philosophical dialog on the superhero shtick, reminiscences on Zeldoid's part, and the gradual exposition of Virtual Man's powers. Glimpses into alternate universes are provided along the way. Winged bunnies and flying bananas are included.
[The structure of the story line more or less follows the typical "1 - 2 - 3 - punch line" rhythm of a daily cartoon strip without entirely abandoning a continuous narrative. On page 38, the story takes a metaphorical left turn and the strip structure is abandoned for a more robust and confusing (make that "post modern") approach.]
Virch's reality-warping powers have run amok. In Virch's morphing apartment, the refrigerator has gone missing and our heroes inexplicably seek it in the asteroid belt. Virch and Zeldoid enter the strange microverse of the Simulated Ivory Tower, home of the asteroid zone's resident mad genius, Dr. Dud. While Virch himself mysteriously disappears, romance blossoms between Zeldoid and Norbert the Wiener, another cyberhound. After they take a "shortcut" through Valhalla, the hallway of the gods, Zeldoid and Norbert join the ad hoc Asteroid Zone Emergency Council. The errant refrigerator is forgotten as Zeldoid suspiciously ponders Virch's apparent usurper, Sort, who has been authorized by Dr. Dud to function as the Council's Chair. The Council's lengthy agenda includes dealing with two extraterrestrial invasions that menace Earth. Sort, with a little help, manages to scotch both invasions without a single explosion or death-ray burst. Virtual Man is returned renewed and repaired. More romances are revealed and in an ending twist, the missing mutant refrigerator collides with an insane robot. The result is Grater Man, in a brief nod to the current inexplicable POTUS, without resorting to the usual political caricatures. The story quietly ends on page 74 with Sort and two of Valhalla's janitors taking a break.
3. Invasion of the Bozobots. On a parallel Earth, creatures called Bozobots appear to have infected all levels of society. Programmed by conditioning and habit, they imperil humanity's potential.
4. Conversation with a Chimera. Asteroid Stu, private eye, describes an encounter with a famous mythical mish-mash taken from his case files.
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January 24 2018

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