As the name suggests, Mosquito-Man is intended to parody super-heroes both generally and specifically, from about the Silver Age to the modern, darker period. All the "good" insects already having been taken by other super-heroes, Don Strait selected one of those remaining and became Mosquito-Man. His teen-age sidekick, an unhappy youth with no sense of smell named Artie Jensen, adopts the guise of Stinkbug and can deploy a devastating stink bomb when necessary. The humor ranges from light burlesque to extremely dark, from DC's love of ape-characters in the 60's (The Bronze Baboon) to the Moore/Bissette/Totleben Swamp Thing of the 80's (Morass-Man). There is a good deal of social criticism also but I have made it as apolitical as possible. Some other specific targets are superhero teams (The League of American Super-Heroes, which Mosquito-Man joins; the mutant Z-Men), extra-dark moods (The Black Paladin), and superheroines with a kinky streak (Asteria).