Moon Girl And The Marvel Universe

Collects Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #24 and #31, Venom (2016) #153, Monsters Unleashed (2017b) #12, The Moon Girl Marvel Legacy Primer And Material From Extraordinary X-Men Annual #1.

Lunella Lafayette makes new friends across the Marvel Universe! The smartest one of all takes it upon herself to solve the Terrigen crisis threatening the X-Men! And when Venom has a Stegron the Dinosaur Man problem, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will lend a hand (or claw)! But when Big Red exits Lunella's life, she needs a new partner! Who will it be? Ghost Rider? Daredevil? The X-Babies?! Maybe Kid Kaiju would be a better fit — but he needs help understanding his own monster army! Plus, when the vile Swarm has Lunella's school hooked on cigarettes, it's up to her and her faithful dino pal to butt them out!
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