Monstrous, Vol. 1: Tales of Valor and Villainy

The story of Frankenstein and his creation has been told many times: a tale of a man cobbled together corpses and made a monster... Frankenstein's creature, his new Adam, was not the life he had hoped to construct. The two hated each other, tried to destroy each other... But neither succeeded. Instead, Dr. Frankenstein turned his efforts toward robots, artificial men who would obey his orders. The creature, spurred by a thirst for knowledge as much as hate, sought out Frankenstein's secrets of life and death to manufacture more monsters like himself... But Frankenstein's famous creature could not control his creations any more than his creator could... Thus began an Era of Monsters, as new beasts were made, found, and summoned from all over the world. Now a battle for control sweeps across the land.