Monster World: The Golden Age

Hank Barrymore, private detective, recently uncovered the occult conspiracy behind the successful black and white horror pictures of World Studios (see MONSTER WORLD Volume 1), but ended up losing Shirley, a witch he fell reluctantly in love with, to the mysteries of magical gateways. Now well versed in sorcery and in possession of a summoning book, Barrymore calls upon the help of Nybbas, a minor demon, to explain the nature of the cosmic portals and how he might travel through them. Nybbas sends him on a journey to the dust bowl of Oklahoma, where a mysterious farm boy is striking fear into the hearts of demons and townspeople alike. But the boy's parents are not keen to be involved in a cosmic war - even when a local sorcerer returns, bearing a grudge of his own. And as it turns out, Hank may not be the only one looking for something... or someone.