Minor League Comics

What is the Minor League Crime Organization? Or more appropriately: "Where are all these bozos coming from?" During the Silver Age of Comic Books the super hero genre exploded through the industry offering readers a myriad of masked adventures like never before. After a period of time when horror, romance, and detective stories had cornered the medium, the implementation of the Comics Code Authority, with its regulation of mature content, pushed major publishers to start stitching up capes and undies once again. This explosion of super heroes, however, was only made possible by the simultaneous boom of supervillains. Which brings us back to the original question: "Where are all these bozos coming from?" Why, the Minor League Crime Organization of course! But who exactly are they? And where did they operate? And who combated them? Tough to say, but if you really want to know, then you're going to have to read Minor League Comics.