With years of law enforcement and investigative experience underlies belt, Michael Henderson successfully transitioned to become highly regarded executive protection specialist in the private sector of the security industry. As CEO of Phoenix Risk Assessment, Michael had an operational team of 47 protective agents and was in the business for 21 years. He and his team all specialized in top-tier training--specialized weapons, anti-terrorism, emergency evacuations, international planning, threat assessments and more. Michael is a proven agent around the world of protection, serving corporate executives, politicians, high-net-worth families, athletes and organizations. He has earned respect and trust from his peers, clients, and media with guests appearances on NBC5, FOX2, Coast to Coast, McGraw Milhaven, Dr. Gina Loudon, as well as numerous speaking engagements on various topics, such as human sex trafficking and active shooter workplace violence.
Making the transition to the entertainment industry was effortless fo rMichael, as he has long had experiences and interest in the media world. To-date during two and half years within the industry, Michael has completed three (3) feature films and one short film. All as a writer, producer and actor.
Michael is currently the CEO of S.U.I.T.E. Media Productions & Management as well as SUITE, LLC A publishing company. An actor, entrepreneur, TV/Film producer and author with many projects in development and editing for release. These projects are film and television series content media