Metal Locus, Vol. 1: Hard Drive

A hundred years from tomorrow survival of the fittest is no longer judged by the ability for an organism to adapt but rather how much evolution they can afford to buy. The world has changed. Medical corporations have paved the way for the new age of man...and beast-men. Cybernetic organ and appendage replacement has gone from a medical necessity to a symbolic status of class and prestige, but not everyone believes. While the metal required to create the cybernetics is abundant in the northern hemisphere, the countries in the southern hemisphere have outlawed the use of cybernetic enhancements. That is not to say they aren't trying to keep up with their northern neighbors. Here DNA manipulation has become the science of trade. Altering humans by splicing their DNA with that of other mammals in the name of national defense from an attack from the north. The world has quickly become divided, and a war is on the horizon. Will this be the next step in man's evolution or its final downfall?