Meta Kaizoku, Vol. 1: Devils Can't Fly

Human beings are not the first of God's children, Mythians are. Lee Taimak is a half-human/half-mythian space pirate or "Kaizoku" whose bravado belies his complexity. Armed with cosmic powers from his Mythian heritage, a starship piloted by a Mythian telepath named Felicity Uai, and his AI navigational system RB4, Lee has wreaked havoc in the ever-expanding multiverse. His track record made him one of the most legendary Kaizoku living, earning him the title, Lee the Myth. This was not how his story was supposed to go, however. It was prophesied that he would find a woman in the endless cosmos who would help him unlock his full potential, giving him the strength to defeat the powerful Mythian tyrant, Masaru, freeing his people. She has always been there, visiting Lee in his dreams. He knows her by name, Ryoko Lionex, but how? Along with this perplexing anomaly Lee will have to decide whether to be the hero or the villain of his story, all the while making bizarre allies and formidable adversaries along the way. He doesn't know it yet, but he is about to have the adventure of a million lifetimes.

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