Story & Art by Sean Dietrich Lettered by Coleen Allen Vincent is a dumpster baby born of a mentally challenged woman and a pill popping orderly. Besides this and the fact that he's physically deformed with 4 foot long arms and 1 foot long legs, he's the best bar piano player/TV commercial jingle singer out there. After 25 years of playing piano at the same bar her leaves for home on what he thinks is a typical night. Shots ring out--that land Vincent in the hospital--and so does the realization that he's never had his own audience to hear his songs--the bar he plays at hides him behind a curtain because of his deformities. His only comfort lies within the whiskey bottle and conversations with a beautiful waitress who gives him the shoulder to lean on. With the help of the detective that found him in the trash so many years ago, he sets out to fake his own death in order to achieve success. Reviews: "4 out of 5 stars! You have not seen anything like this before." - Richard Vasseur, "Although hardly a happy sunshine funfest, this is probably the most upbeat of Dietrich's challenging oeuvre. Definitely worth picking up, if only to read one of the best comic creators you've never heard of." - Andrea Speed, "3 Out of 4 Stars! Sean Dietrich may be an artist you've never heard of that you should hear of... it takes but a glance to realize that Dietrich's art amazes." - Ray Sidman, CBG #1642 "Mess is a charming fable mired in...well...mire. It's Chicken Soup for the Soul couched in human filth and moral squalor." - Dave Baxtor ,