Mek Corps

A superhero genre filled with enhanced beings. The world collapsed in on itself after an electromagnetic pulse attack by an unknown global assailant. Held together by warring andthreadbare local factions, the might of corporations assumed the oversight of society within their reach - offering local government assurances, jobsand security. Fifty years later, from the darkness there arose an entity who offered more. From the ashes arose one who offered Infinite Power and theopportunity to regain a resemblance of the old ways, but at a price of full, unquestioning fealty to the inhuman entity that made it possible. From the ranks of the old guard, a new voice for the people stood alone. Together they amassed a ranking of followers to workalways in secret to expose their new age overlords for the evil they represent. These were the starting agents of the Mek Corps. Banded togetheras normal, enhanced and superior ability individuals, the Mek Corps strive to free the people from the bondage forced upon the global populace andallow the infinite power to be used to lift all of mankind to the next level of being.