Mechanical Knight

When a massive ball of fire erupts in the skies above Losstaria, the life of Marcus, son of Hector the blacksmith, changes forever. The source of the explosion, and the resulting wreckage that crashes to earth, creates a chain-reaction of grave consequences that ultimately descends Losstaria into a civil war. Even more dire is the dark and terrifying shadow that spreads across the country side. Hideous creatures, some resemble men, some beast, are stalking the woods. Primal and full of rage, the cursed creatures grow in number and pose a far greater threat to Losstaria than any war that has come before. Through a chance encounter, Marcus and his crippled father are plunged into a quest of great importance. Together, they must uncover the truth behind the explosion in the sky, unite the feuding lords, and lead the people of Losstaria in the war against the ferocious hoard of corrupted man-beasts.