Max Gamer: Aspie Superhero: Aspergers is Awesome!

Max Gamer is intended for all children and was designed by "Aspies" for "Aspies." Asperger's is not considered a syndrome by the the Max Gamer Authors but is considered a gift and an amazing skill. It is defined in some ways by significant deficits in social skills; however, this book focuses on strengths giving these children the resilience and confidence they need to rise to their potential. From the animation to the storyline, this book was guided by a large group of Aspie kids through surveys and creative group collaboration. A wonderful moment during our development was the first presentation of our whole story with rough sketches with 2 social skills groups. One 12 year old boy raised his hand after an awfully quiet reading. He looked up and asked, "Dr. G., do you follow me around all day?" The rest of the kids nodded. This was a powerful moment in which the kids and I knew we had connected in a powerful way. Our goal is to help them feel understood at an early age and for them to embrace their amazing talents and nature for fun. Without them there would be no Pokemon, no Apple, no Windows, and no Facebook.