Matthew Eric Moranz is a self taught artist/illustrator based out of South Florida. Despite acceptance to art school, after suffering a nervous breakdown early on, he opted to forgo any further formal education, and continued to create on his own terms, both for enjoyment and necessary catharsis. His influences come from years of a steady diet of cartoons, 19th century illustrations, heavy metal and punk rock album covers, surf art, surrealist and classical renaissance painters, early lowbrow art, horror films, and comic books, all of which digest together creating a unique visual language. Using brush, nib pens, and ink (and occasionally watercolor) he draws upon this to create bleak hallucinatory landscapes and scenes from the inner recesses of his mind. He also writes, illustrates, and publishes his own comic books under the name of “Clocktower Comics”, and enjoys surfing and loud music when he is not at his drawing table.