Martin Dunn is a comic book Creator/Writer/Artist as well as a webcaster and Convention Panelist, from Tampa, Florida. He currently acts as Chief Creative Officer of CAE Studios, and heads up the CAE Media Network on youtube. He has done work for CAE Studios, IDW Publishing, Hashtag Comics, Creature Entertainment, Darkhorse Comics and more. His body of work includes his creator-owned properties 'Joshua Black', 'Project: A.P.E.X.',
'#IFightGhosts', and 'FETCH: An Odyssey', as well as work on the Hashtag Comics series 'Carpe Noctem', Darkhorse Comics "Sakai Project", and IDW Publishing's 'Star Mage' and 'White Chapel'.

Martin appears regularly on several "Breaking into Independent Comics" panels at conventions around the southeastern US. He also invented the "Comic Creator: Speed Dating" panel, in which he pairs aspiring writers with aspiring artists and let's them go through a series of elevator pitches, while answering questions about how to break into the business. His most recent panel innovation is "The Cynically Pragmatic Guide to Making Comics" in which he gives all his 100% honest opinions and knowledge on all the ups, downs, and pratfalls of breaking into comics. His knack for stirring up controversy due to his abrasive opinions and passionate beliefs, has positioned him as well known advocate for creator rights, in the indie comic scene.