DISCLAIMER: graphic sexuality
"Kafkaesque ... Norway's best comic" Askild Matre Aaserød, SKUM magazine "... a treat. Comic book art on a high level. Somewhere between Luis Bunuel, David Lynch and David Cronenberg." Hilde Østby, Dagsavisen "Long live Øystein Runde!" Øyvind Holen, D2 Kristopher Schau has become an adjective. He has used a dead pig as a boat, disguised his penis as a sausage on national television to find out if a hungry amstaff terrier knows the difference between sausage and penis, and written the award-winning and extremely funny TV-series "Dag". Margarin is his first published comic. (No-one published the one about shit-eating zombies, even though they should) Øystein Runde has made a name for himself with weird comics (Margarin was his debut), a weird, and still historically accurate viking story (Saga of Olav Sleggja). He is currently working on TAXMAN and WHO KILLED IBSEN, two historical sci-fi graphic novels.

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