Marcello H. Carnevali was born in Rome, Italy in 1977. Since an early age, Marcello had a passion for animation. In Italy the only animated children's TV shows broadcast at that time, on one of the only three channels of Television to choose from, were adult oriented and poorly dubbed Japanese Manga series. While toddlers in the US were growing up with the Flintstones and Bugs Bunny, Marcello cut his cartoon teeth on the likes of Star Blazers (a.k.a Space Battleship Yamato), Tekkaman, Goldrake (a.k.a. Grendizer), Captain Harlock, Gaiking, Galaxy Express and many more. In the early 80s, Marcello and his family immigrated to the US and settled into the small town of Woodstock in upstate New York. Growing up, Marcello never lost his love for animation and quickly discovered the joy of comics. Since that time, Marcello has been an avid collector and comic enthusiast. Still not satisfied, and inspired by the comic book hero's he grew up reading, Marcello decided to enter the world of Professional Wrestling. After being introduced to the sport by mutual friends, Marcello joined the infamous LIWF Doghouse in Ozone Park, NY. It was there, and also through a mutual friend, that Marcello met a new and up and coming wrestler by the name of William Kucmierowski soon to be known to the world as Brimstone. The two were instant best buddies and would remain so to this day. Over almost a decade, Marcello would wrestle and manage for various wrestling federations all over the continent. Even appearing on programs for the WWF (now WWE), ECW and WCW.