Mad Gasser of Mattoon, Vol. 1

It's just a couple heads a week. That's what the Gasser thinks. Simple. Well... as simple as decapitations go. In the mid-1940's more than two dozen people were found gassed in their homes in the town of Mattoon, IL, in a span of just 14 days. No one was ever caught. What better role model for a sociopath in central Illinois? In Mad Gasser of Mattoon#1, readers are introduced to the titular character. The Mad Gasser, a serial killer who hears the encouraging voice of his mentor through a Soviet era gas mask. And the Gasser has a job to do, collecting two human heads a week for the local crime syndicate. Using a handmade gas gun system, home-brew knockout gas, and a razor sharp machete, the Mad Gasser sets out to follow the voice in his mask, and complete his mission. Unfortunately, rookie mistakes happen, and things get complicated. Mad Gasser of Mattoon's blood and gore, is perfectly combined with a bit of humor and shoddy police work.