Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet

Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet
Because YOU demanded it! The break-out bombshell of the long running underground comic HALLOWEEN MAN at last has her own special!

The world's smartest woman takes on her toughest foes yet, as the radical terrorist group known only as the Sons of Samson unleash a fiendish plot against women everywhere! Also, venture into Lucy's lab and see some of her favorite adventures! Both of these ALL-NEW comics, plus a special cosplay photo shoot!

So, join your favorite brawny, brainy, BBW bad ass and get some IQ with your T&A today!

Praise for Halloween Man Comics:

"I enjoyed this comic not only for the connection with Dr. Lucy Chaplin but also with the villain in this story. I can't reveal more than this as you really NEED to read it to experience it yourself. The story revolves around body image and acceptance, two topics that are rarely seen in comics. Truly a MUST READ!