Luciano Salles was born on February 14, 1975 in the city of Taquaritinga, the state of São Paulo and still as a boy, he moved to Araraquara, where he found everything he needed to guide his passions: punk rock, skateboarding, fanzine, comics, play at the streets and good camaraderie doses.
He is cartoonist and illustrator who lives effectively by comics since April 03, 2012. He created the cultural producer Memento 832, with the architect and dancer Lilian Penteado and the photographer Leila Penteado.
With an academic background in Civil Engineering and Safety Engineering, worked a little in this field, and, to top it off, he worked as a bank clerk for eleven years.
In 2012, he decided to devote himself only to the arts and launched HQzine "Luzcia, a Dona do Boteco". The following year launched the Comic Book "O Quarto Vivente", 26 HQMIX nominated for the top prize of the national comic in the category Publication Independent Single Edition and was also selected as one of the New Talent: Designer.
In 2014 he released his third Comic Book "L'Amour: 12 oz", HQ debut of the publisher MINO. Already in 2015, the same album was nominated for 27 HQMIX in the category National Special Edition and Luciano for the category National Designer.
Collaborated with "Monica(s) Book" , in honor of Mauricio de Sousa (Brazilian designer), and also with the Catalog Ícones dos Quadrinhos (Icons Comics), from the International Festival of Comics in 2013.
"Limiar: Dark Matter" is his fourth Comic Book and will be released in October 2015.