Lower East Side Story

Lower East Side Story is the story of the intense bonds and strains of unlikely friendships and relationships between several young new yorkers, set in post-bankrupt New York, 1979. The story follows a 25 year arc, as the East Village evolves from a drug dealers battlefield to a developers gold mine. In the 1980's profound instability was caused by the abandonment of landlords and city government, and the relentless onslaught of drug dealers claiming building after building and block after block. In addition, the community fabric was nearly rendered irrepairable by the dual invasion of GRID, ( Gay-related immune deficiency, later known as AIDS ) and crack cociane. Despite these catastrophic circustances, Lower East Side Story follows a small ensemble of proud immigrants, native new yorkers, young students and old community activists work to retake and rebuild the war zone. It is against this backdrop that L.E.S.S. unfolds. In addition to the main action and love story, the story reveals the political and economic machinations of the collapse and rehabilitation of a neighborhood and it's people.