Love & Rockets: New Stories #4

Jaime Hernandez's emotionally powerful stories in the last issue of Love and Rockets: New Stories ("The Love Bunglers" and "Browntown") were among the most critically-acclaimed comics of 2010. In this new issue, Jaime ups the ante even more. The final chapter of "The Love Bunglers" sends things hurtling to a stunning conclusion over the breathtaking and heartrending final ten pages. Nestled in the midst of this is the masterful "Return for Me," a sequel of sorts to "Browntown" in which teenage Maggie returns to Hoppers and a new life. On the Gilbert side, things lead off with the 35-page cover story "King Vampire": Two lovable teens, Cecil and Trini, want to join a local vampire club, but real vampires show up and things get deadly serious. Cecil loves it but Trini has her doubts about going all the way. In "And Then Reality Kicks In," a 15-page walk-and-talk of complex and layered dialogue that may be Gilbert's finest piece of writing yet.
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