Love Machines Vol. 1: Collection

Covering past, present, and future, LOVE MACHINES tells love stories about technology. These are sometimes funny, sometimes tragic romance comics that deal with the objects that inhabit our lives. Featuring an international team of artists, each tale spotlight our personal connection to objects and how technology impacts our connection to one another.

LOVE MACHINES speaks to unstoppable constants in our lives: progress, romance, and the loss that comes with the passage of time. These tales include "The Velocipede" about how a Colorado family is rocked by the appearance of a bicycle, to "Hero and Leander" about two supercomputers going on a "date."

While most are grounded in historical reality, only one, "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" is about real people. The story, set in 1937, spotlights forgotten fashion icon Lester Gaba and his invention of the modern mannequin. His inanimate creation "Cynthia" became an overnight celebrity and took the fashion world by storm. Trujillo and artist Wyeth Yates went to great detail to piece together Gaba's incredible life as faithfully as possible.

By looking to the past Trujillo and his collaborators hope to inform the present conversation about what role technology and innovation have in our society.