Lost Planet: First Colony

A BRAND-NEW STORY IN THE UNIVERSE OF LOST PLANET™ 3! The planet of E.D.N. III seemed ripe for colonization - its icy climes ready to be warmed and terraformed, its huge buried stockpiles of T-ENG - Thermal Energy - enough to stave off the death of Earth. That was, until the first settlers discovered the indigenous Akrid - ravenous creatures who proved resistant to every weapon the colonists could muster. That first terraforming effort ended in tragedy, with the colony - and its rich haul of terraforming equipment - hastily abandoned. Now the ragtag crew of the pirate vessel Crusader have set course for E.D.N. III, looking to pillage these tempting resources before NeoVenus Construction (NEVEC) can swoop in and reclaim their investment! But this wintry world jealously guards her secrets - secrets that may kill all of the Crusader's crew!