Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years

For seventy-five years, Lois Lane has been one of the most iconic characters in comics. In celebration of her contributions to the DC Universe and life as a pop culture icon, DC Comics is proud to present this new hardcover anthology collecting some of Lois Lane's greatest stories from creators such as Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, John Byrne, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, John Byrne, Phil Jimenez,
Frank Quitely and many more!

The Lois Lane Anthology collects stories from the following issues:

ACTION COMICS #1 - The Superman, Champion of the Oppressed...
ACTION COMICS #2 - The War in San Monte
ACTION COMICS #6 - Superman: The Man Who Sold Superman
ACTION COMICS #484 - Superman Takes A Wife
ACTION COMICS #600 - True Love
ACTION COMICS #662 - At Long Last... The Secret Revealed!
ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #631 - Battery Part Five
ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #2 - Superman's Secret Room
ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #3 - Sweet Dreams Superwoman
MAN OF STEELl #2 - The Story of the Century
SUPERMAN #29, #33-34, #58, #168

Collected Editions