Lockdowner: The Covid-19 Comic-strip

March 24th 2020: The UK government puts the nation into lockdown in response to the rapidly escalating threat of Covid-19. All non-essential shops and services are closed, all events are cancelled and everyone is instructed to stay at home. Gary Knight decides to start his daily Lockdowner comic-strip on social media to deal with the virus lockdown madness one daft comic-strip at a time. Social distancing, face masks, loo roll stockpiling, impossible deliveries, overgrown hair, pining for pubs, video calls, video singalongs, heavy snacking, furloughs, job searching, scary graphs, protest groups, 5G conspiracies, Captain Tom, Boris getting sick, Trump talking nonsense, empty sports stadiums, Test & Trace, Support Bubbles, The New Normal, The New shopping, The New Drinking, The New Dining, the rules, the rule changes, the idiots, the weirdness. It’s all in here somewhere, as experienced day by day, with the plucky sense of slightly unhinged humour it surely demanded.

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