Life and Death In Paradise

Welcome to Barbados 2015, with the introduction of casinos in the 1990's Barbados was catapulted to one of the world's prime destinations. Due to the increasing popularity of beach front property on the island in 1998, developers took it a step further and began construction of the Caribbean's first manmade islands. The 'New Pelican Isles' were completed in 2008 and were home to some of the best golf courses, beach front villas and hotel casinos in the Caribbean. This glitz and glamour also brought a dark side, creating a deep dark underworld which fueled the luxurious lifestyle of the super rich with drugs, sex and other vices. You follow the lives of Keith, Dwayne, Jason and Denise as they are all caught in the middle of this light and dark world, where things are not so back and white.