Life Finds A Way, Vol. 1: Life Finds A Way: A Comic Anthology Of Hopeful Post-Apocalyptic Stories

A lot of us have been feeling lately that in 2019 we're staring down the end of the world. So many conversations we have, so many choices we make, and so much of the media that inundates us seems to have an underlying sense of dread. It's the end of the world and we don't feel fine. If you look at historical disasters for guidance, however, it quickly becomes clear that in most cases, once everyone has got the panic out of their system, people are surprisingly cooperative. Sure, there might be looting and madness at first, but in the wake of such actions people will rise to become helpers, to make things better. In the face of disasters across the globe and throughout history we have seen communities band together to help and support each other in times of crisis. Each time we adapt and overcome with the hope that next time we will have a better strategy to respond to the next disaster. In light of this we ask: why don't we see more stories like these in post-apocalyptic fiction? Why don't we see examples of humanity in the crucible of a disaster acting in a way that proves the misanthropes wrong?

Graphic Novels