Library of Alexandria

The lone survivor of a plane crash that claimed the life of her parents, Alexandria Eldritch was raised by a group of renegade literary theorists who taught her to channel the aspects of the five great heroes from all stories: the wily Trickster, the curious Explorer, the courageous Champion, the brilliant Sage, and the charismatic Magician. Now returned to society, she has enrolled in Creative Common Middle School, where she is joined by her best friend, dimension-hopping Jonny Everywhere, her guardian, former superhero Nathan Hale, and school librarian Jill Trent. But strange things are afoot at CCMS--monsters are crawling from the pages of library books, a coven of witches is playing rock 'n' roll in the lunchroom, and the coffee machine in the teacher's lounge has decided it only wants to brew decaf. If Alex wants to get an education, she'll have to use the power of stories. It's a good thing she loves to read. In this exciting debut issue, Alex must fight one of the oldest monsters in literature--Grendel!