It has been rumored that Liana Recchione has added her inking talents to Space Junkies Episode IV. Little is known about Liana other than she originated from Planet N.E.R.D. and traveled to Planet Earth in search of a delightful beast known as a Welsh corgi.
Liana began influencing human minds with her 2010 comic Raven published by Cagliostro E-press. In 2012, Federico Memola, founder of Space Enchantments Agency, took notice and enticed Liana to give life to his comics - but she wanted more. In 2015, Liana joined the Battle for Independence against the Dark Empire of Traditional Publishers where she successfully crowdfunded two projects - Risenfall and The List.
Liana has been working with SmArt Studio on several projects since 2017. Not only has she oozed her ink for us, but she has also performed as a wonderful penciller, colorist and character designer.