Legend of the Ronin

Ken'ishi is a 17-year-old ronin, orphaned as a baby and fostered by a tengu, a mythic bird-man. A master swordsman, Ken'ishi seeks a worthy lord. His only link to his past is his father's sword, Silver Crane. Thanks to his mystical upbringing, he can converse with wild creatures and the spirits of the air and earth. When he encounters a noble maiden and her entourage under attack by a vicious bandit gang, he makes a fateful choice that will change the course of his life, catapulting him into a life of his greatest dreams, and his worst nightmares. Legend of the Ronin brings to life 13th century Japan, a land of ancient spirits, supernatural creatures, and shapeshifting animals, where duty and honor can be as sharp and lethal as the sword at one's hip.