Latin America: State of Fury (L.A.S.O.F)

Latin America: State of Fury tells the tale of Cornelia as she embarks on a journey that will cover the entire breadth of the American Continent and more. The story contains high dosages of satire, strange experiment that may have turned things you may know and love like pets and friends into horrible abominations of science. In an alternate version of the American Continent after not one, but any and all apocalypses that you can imagine happened at once, accompany Cornelia as she faces somewhat cliche'd yet very real odds. In a truly exposed and genuinely expressed latino perspective in how to deal with an apocalypse, no matter which one it is, it will always be received with a beer in hand, and most importantly, in good company. It'll be a long journey but one worth telling the grandkids about on a winter night by the fireplace. Guaranteed.