Lady Isabella's Secrets, Vol. 1: White as the Jasmine Flower

The graphic novel series "Lady Isabella's Secrets" takes its cue from the recipe book by the Italian alchemist Isabella Cortese. Entitled "I secreti di Isabella Cortese, neQvali si contengono cofe minerali, Medicinali, arteficiose & Alchemiche" (The Secrets of Isabella Cortese - an account of mineral and medicinal substances, artifice and alchemy), the book was published in 1584 in Venice and enjoyed considerable success during Isabella's lifetime. The illustrated stories are based on Isabella's recipes are set against the backdrop of sixteenth century Rome during the Counter Reformation. Although simple recipes aimed to provide remedies for the everyday problems of ordinary people, Isabella's preparations were considered highly suspect by the Church authorities, obliging her to flee Rome and settle in Venice. The recipe indicated in the book does not follow the indications given in the original book and should therefore not be copied.

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