Kin Platt's Super Mouse #1

Kin Platt's SUPER MOUSE & Friends with Cody the Cavalier!
SUPER MOUSE has been a COMIC BOOK ICON since his first comic book in 1942! Created by Kin Platt, the Super Mouse has become public domain. NOW! With the help of super fan, Shannon Weathers and cartoonist Jamie Cosley, they bring us back to the freshness and awesomeness that inspired an industry! Join us as we take you on a little tribute where SUPER MOUSE visits a farm, fights legal trouble and does all things super! PLUS! BONUS! Our second feature is CODY the CAVALIER! A Jamie Cosley original character! Find out what Cody is up to. What comics does he like to read? All this and more in this exciting cartoony ALL AGES adventure!