TKO Studios presents "Killiamsburg" by Erick C. Freitas The snow storm of a century is barreling down on Brooklyn, but that doesn't stop a group of hipsters from throwing an ironic 90's themed party. This snow is different speaks, it moves, it craves human flesh! Can our flannel-wearing, craft beer-drinking group unironically survive the night? Short 001: Seeds of Eden (Joe Corallo, Liana Kangas, Paul Azaceta) Short 002: Father of All Things (Sebastian Girner, Baldemar Rivas) Short 003: Night Train (Steve Foxe, Lisandro Estherren) Short 004: Dame From The Dark (Rob Pilkington, Kit Mills) Short 005: Hand Me Down (Alex Paknadel, Jen Hickman) Short 006: Killiamsburg (Erick C. Freitas, Jelena Đorđević-Maksimović)

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