Kid Riot Vol. 2: Heroes Deluxe

Kid Riot has fought evil geniuses, sorcerers, robots, killer time-traveling cannibals, and a (really creepy) couple. What's next for the fastest, newest sidekid in NJ? The rest of the world. Join Kid, along with Riot & Diva, as the world grows in the wake of their return to the scene.

The Riot Squad is back. And that means a TV special for everyone's favorite trans Superwoman, Riot Diva. Join the Heroes & Vigs of the tri-state as they come together to celebrate 15 years of the world's coolest super-Diva!

PJ (that's Kid Riot if you're nasty) takes some time off to go to a concert with Ally, a carnival with Howler, and discovers The Old Brunswick Duo, a familiar pair of Vigs from NJ's past. Sure Shot & The ID6 can't stop fighting everyone - Kid Riot, NJ-State, even Portal-powered terrorist, Primess! Okay, and what the hell is a Juniorang?

The Squad has their work cut out for them in the second collection of the Kid Riot Universe by The Demon Hotel, Heroes Deluxe!