Kid Riot Vol. 1: Sidekickin' It!

There's sidekicks, and then there's Kid Riot! A fun night (and a hook-up app) leads PJ Behr to discovering his long lost idols, The Riot Squad, aren't so lost anymore! Faced with an anti-law (big-deal bad guy) PJ showed his bravery, becoming Kid Riot, but is it enough to bring out the long lost LGBTQ team?

Spoiler alert: it is. Together, they form the New Riot Squad and takes on villains like Master Inventor, the mystical Vaudevillains,the murderous (and hungry) Doomerang, and more! Join Riot, Diva, and the Kid, along with NJ-State Heroes Goldstar & Task Force Kid's first Super-crush, the sexy Howler, and the mysterious Identity Squad as they fight the baddies, figure out this whole heroing thing, and even find a little time for romance.