Kick Buttowski

Locked Out! Although he has been grounded, Kick Buttowski sneaks out to see his favorite movie. But when he comes home, he discovers that getting back in through their expensive new security system will be much easier said than done! Soccer Brawl Kick is challenged on the soccer field by a new student with incredible soccer skills. Tempers flare and the two engage in a duel. Kick might be in trouble: the loser can never play soccer again! Sold! During a stunt, Kick accidentally breaks his friend Gunther's cuckoo clock! Now he has to find a way to buy a new one before Gunther discovers what's happened! Younger Is The Best Vickle When Mr. Vickle gets hit on the head, he loses his money and thinks he's 10 years old! Kick and Gunther have to quickly return his memory before Mr. Vickle tears up the town on a joyride!