Kholat: Aftermath

Kholat Aftermath is a comic book continuation of a video game based on the motives of real events known as Dyatlov Pass Incident and created by IMGN.PRO in 2015. Kholat: Aftermath presents four seemingly unrelated stories: - a secret interrogation referring to a hidden note from the game - a letter from Vitaliy Grazeniuk (main character of the game) to his fiancée - an appeal for help from a person being a prisoner of a something called "section 22" - and the beginning of an investigation conducted by two Moscow militiamen How the fates of the heroes will go? Could all the events be a product of the sick imagination of Grazeniuk? Is he murderer or a victim? Or maybe someone is trying to hide the facts that experiments in section 22 got out of control? And who is mysterious Anton?