Junko Mizuno's Hell Ladies

A mature manga artbook from the creator of Ravina the Witch. Creepily cute and deliciously disturbing. A stylish and sinister artbook for mature readers, starring colourful, cute girls with a transgressive twist. Manga-inspired maidens, monstergirls and madwomen. First published in Japan in 2001, this new edition collects the gorgeous, elusive work of Junko Mizuno ('Ravina the Witch', 'Junko Mizuno's Coloring Book', 'Little Fluffy Gigolo Pelu'). "A Japanese manga artist world-renowned for her kawaii noir style, Mizuno mixes sweetness with dark and terrible imagery in a way that makes us stand up and take notice." – Comicosity "One of the most uniquely brilliant artists that I have ever laid my sleepy peepers on. Her work grabs the reader by their very soul and gives them a beautiful gift." – Comic Crusaders "Mizuno blends the romantic elements of shoujo and Gothic styles into something uniquely adult." – Newsarama

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