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Jughead #158

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  • Jughead #158
  • Jughead #158
  • Jughead #158
  • Jughead #158
  • Jughead #158

Jughead #158

"Talk the Talk": Walkie talkies seem like a good idea, until Archie realizes Veronica can keep tabs on him at all times. So what does he do? He comes up with... ahem... another "good" idea: having Jughead use a voice changer to pose as Archie while he dates other girls!

"Jug and the Giant Berry": Some jam! Jughead's inflatable boysenberry is supposed to draw crowds to the bake sale but all it draws is boos and hisses when it gets in everyone's way!

"Cold Comfort": Jughead's snow cone machine gets a "chilly" reception!

"Dress for Excess": With free food as bait, Jughead becomes a costumed mascot for BOTH Pop Tate's and Segarini's Pizza!
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Written by

Craig Boldman

Art by

Rex Lindsey



About Comic

Page Count

27 Pages

Print Release Date

June 2 2004

Digital Release Date

April 20 2011

Age Rating

All Ages


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