Jon Rohner

The end of the 19th century, the twilight of sailing ships, and the           picturesque islands of the South Pacific, are the setting for these           history-laced adventures. Jon Rohner, a likeable sailor who lives on           the edge of the law, tells his stories to Robert Louis Stevenson --           the famed author of such classics as Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll           and Mr. Hyde -- who has settled on the Samoa islands and befriended           Rohner. Through Rohner’s stories we are taken into a world full of           excitement, action and drama: from his kidnapping a princess to           prevent a war between two tribes; to a story about a man who fell in           love with a cannibal queen, left his family and got tattooed over his           whole body and face; to Rohner’s surviving a tsunami and volcano           eruption. The stories -- Rohner’s adventures -- are seemingly in           endless supply.

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