Jon Pay Private Investigator

Cobb City is a dirty ol' burg run by gangsters, racketeers and a regular rogue's gallery o' crooks scratching the seedy underbelly of society. In this town of broken dreams and back alley deals, only one man has the stones to kick crime in the pants and take names! That man is JON PAY, P.I.! Ever on the case, Jon Pay hits the streets as a tough-as-nails, two-fisted, trench-coat-wearing knight in tarnished armour trying to recover the silver lining in every bad situation before the next hood tries to fence it. "Certified Cool" - Previews, Diamond Distribution "Grade A...expressive style of Dan DeCarlo with the detailed backgrounds of George Pérez... extremely well done..." - Comic Buyer's Guide " of the most impressive, high-quality self-published books I have seen..." -