Johnny Saturn Unlimited #6

Homeland Insecurity I
First there was the War in Heaven, and now there is the Dirty War! In "Johnny Saturn: Homeland Insecurity" part I, it's an all-out battle for control of Spire City's organized crime, a conflict between Dr. Wissenschaft, an old Nazi cybernetics scientist bent on creating his own vision of the perfect human; and Tactical, a former Baltic area patriot betrayed by his own government. The new Johnny Saturn is faced with a tough choice--make a deal with a devil, or let Spire City spin out of control forever. Either way, there will be hell to pay! This edition of "Johnny Saturn" has 24 pages of comics, one characters' Who's Who page, one Spire City map, one historical character page, and six bonus sketchbook pages, all for 36 total pages of content!