Joe Deagnon (Artist & Co-Writer) has previously published five issues of Paranoid Tales of Neurosis. Called "Lowbrow and Entertaining", ""Hyper-Fun and Sickly Twisted" and "Bizarre and Wonderful", his work has been described as a combination of Harvey Pekar meets Ralph Steadman and dubbed "A Mad Magazine for the 90s" by drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs. Herschell Gordon Lewis commented on his humor as "Sick and vicious, just like mine." He also was a regular contributor to the music weekly Exclaim and Film Threat magazine. Working in the media industry for almost 20 years now, he's getting sick and tired of dealing with the insanity of this earth-bound reality and has made great leaps in science and logic by phase-shifting between this world and an imaginary dimension of his own design.