Frank is, as everyone knows, Jim Woodring's bestselling cartoon character. Jim, on the other hand, is Woodring's cartoon alter ego, the fictional doppelganger who has for 30 years inhabited Woodring's alternate universe where shifting, phantasmagoric landscapes, abrupt, hallucinatory visual revelations, and unexpected eruptions of uninhibited verbal self-flagellation are common- place. Jim is a mind-bending collection of all of Woodring's best non-Frank creative work - comics stories, prose stories, drawings, and paintings, with a new introduction and afterword by the man himself. Collected here for the first time, Jim is a bounty of Woodring's inspired artistry. "I don't really have adequate language to describe it." - Alan Moore "...Jim fills the gap left between Betty Crocker and Hieronymous Bosch." - Robert Williams

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