"A Reason to Smile!" vol.2 is the second book in the "ARtS" series, written and illustrated by Javier Cruz Winnik. He began his career creating fanart in hopes of becoming a comic artist. He did sketch cards for Upper Deck and Marvel Comics for many of their movies including Thor the Dark World, Avengers 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Antman!

After years of learning the ropes through the comic convention circuit, he created a Kickstarter campaign for volume 1 and after gaining 137% of his campaign goal, self published his first graphic novel. After he sold his first 600 copies via comic cons or word of mouth, he campaigned again on Kickstarter for volume 2. After reaching his goal, he became the author of 2 books, the second of which is much more detailed, artistically and literary. Volume 1 has officially sold over 1,200 copies and he will continue to sell both at comic cons across the country!

He hopes to create a beginning readers book for children learning how to read and a chapter book as well to continue the stories of Luiza Brillante and friends!